Please pardon our appearance as we prepare to launch!

(or is that take flight? Because birds?)

At Toucann, we are aiming to empower all students, along with support from guardians, teachers, and schools, to graduate high school college ready, with the opportunity to attend a college fit for them.

  • Students By automatically creating short and long term goals to inform students how to become college ready and motivate them to achieve their potential
  • Guardians By informing them what their students need to suceed throughout high school and by providing independent goals to inform and support parents at they plan for their students to attend college
  • Schools By assigning student goals to support and extend curriculum, and by providing teachers and administrators with a holistic picture of students that allows them to know who to support, when and how, to drive college readiness throughout high school.

For more information, please get in touch with us: info@toucann.com